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Sports Club Nove Mesto nad Metuji

About Sport club Nove Mesto nad Metuji

Sport Club Nove Mesto nad Metuji was founded December 20, 1991 and currently brings together nearly 1,000 members sections in athletics, volleyball, archery, recreational sports and sports for handicapped athletes such as athletics, archery, curling, table tennis, etc.

In his possession Sports Club Farm Sports Complex, which includes two soccer fields. One field with natural grass and the other is covered with artificial grass. Perfect training conditions provided by the lighting of the field with artificial turf. In addition, the facility boasts an athletics track is covered with artificial turf sectors Conipur (6 lanes on the oval, 8 straight). Oval is a standard length of 400 m.

We also offer tennis court and a volleyball court. We are able to build and operate an archery shooting range appropriate to the needs and demands of global competition archers in one day in our area

SK is through the Czech Association of physically disabled athletes (ČATHS) a member of the Czech Paralympic Committee (CPV). In the SK cafe - December 22, 1992 was held the constituent meeting of the CPV.

SK since 2006 as the contractor closely cooperates with sports gymnasium Jilemnice. www.gymjil.cz.

SK dlouhodobě spolupracuje se stacionářem NONA v Novém Městě nad Metují a pomáhá jeho klientům při pořádání sportovních a volnočasových aktivit - stacionář NONA

Inside the multi-purpose administration building, you can find the Office of Management SK, fitness center, social club facilities and a café. The new building next to the artificial grass pitches are from December 2009 operation of the new changing rooms with other social facilities for athletes. The café also includes outdoor, partially covered, sitting area with an indoor fireplace designed for grilling or barbecuing and relaxation area for parents with children.

For all parties, we are able to provide complete training services primarily for the following sports: athletics, archery, soccer, volleyball, tennis . Including securing accommodation in the vicinity of Sport club. In the range of several kilometers Rozkoš storage reservoir suitable for swimming, due to the railway line from the nearby town of Nove Mesto, Nachod, Hronov, and alsoTeplice nad Metuji - entry point into the sandstone cliffs.

We are the organizer of the international handicap competitions for handicapped athletes, Czech Cup for handicapped athletes and handbikers. Another important event is the Grand Prix Nove Mesto nad Metuji - International athletic meeting. Organize running races, Gold Price Metuje, regional and national athletic competitions. In the future, we want to organize major athletics league for men and women every year.

In the area of Sport club train elementary and secondary schools not only in Nove Mesto nad Metuji.