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Sports Club Nove Mesto nad Metuji

Para-Archery World Ranking & Final Paralympic Qualification Information Package 2020

Para-Archery World Ranking Tournament

World Paralympic Qualification 2020



Organizer: Sports Club Nove Mesto nad Metuji, delegated by the Czech Archery Association

Venue: Sports Club Nove Mesto nad Metuji,

28. rijna 943, Nove Mesto nad Metuji, 549 01, Czech Republic, fb: World Ranking Tournament Nove Mesto nad Metuji 2019

Date: June 13 – 21, 2020


Local Organising Committee: Mr. Libor Snajdr - Chairman

Mr. David Snajdr – Secretary

Mrs. Jana Martinkova - Treasurer

Mr. Dominique Ohlmann – Technical Delegate

Mr. Bjarne Strandby – Chief Judge

Mr. Roman Suda – Chief Classifier

Mr. Vaclav Lunacek – Technical Director

IANSEO – Results Processing

Mr. Matej Spravka – Transport Manager



Entries: Preliminary entries by March 20, 2020; FINAL ENTRIES by May 13, 2020

To use WAREOS, each MA Extranet Admin user or a multiple user who has specific privileges assigned within your member association need to log-in into the Extranet. Please note that your member association WAREOS' account is no longer available functionally. For your log-in into WAREOS system use:

Deadline for the delivery of Athlete Medical Form (in English) to the chief classifier: 13th May, 2020


Categories in WAREOS:

- Officials

- Compound OPEN Men/ Women

- Recurve OPEN Men/ Women

- W1Men/ Women

- V.I.1 and V.I.2-3


The World Ranking Tournament is OPEN to all World Archery MAs. WRT comprehenses all individual and team categories including: Men/ Women Compound OPEN, Men/ Women Recurve OPEN, Men/ Women W1, mixed teams, Visually Impaired 1(combined) and Visually Impaired 2-3 (combined).


There is NO LIMIT of number of entries per category per country.



For any questions regarding WAREOS contact the World Archery Office, Ms. Cécile Tosetti,, please.


Be aware that teams will not be able to enter or update data in WAREOS after the deadlines. If teams wished to make any changes to their Final Registration after the deadline, Ms. Cécile Tosetti should be contacted.

Final entries processed after the deadline will result in a penalty fee of EUR 50,- per archer to be paid to LOC upon arrival.

Final registration that differs by more than four (4) archers from the preliminary registration or have been submitted after the preliminary deadline (without preliminary entry made before) will result in a penalty fee of EUR 150,- to be paid to LOC upon arrival.


Note: late entries can be denied or may cause troubles with convenient accommodation and local transport due to limited capacity of accessible accommodation.


Accommodation: Hotel U Beranka, Nachod (10 km from the venue), 3 ⃰ , 5 double rooms

Hotel Hron, Nachod (10 km), 3 ⃰ , 16 double rooms

Hotel Vyhlidka, Nachod (12 km), 4 ⃰ , 15 double rooms

Penzion „Jehlan“ Lhota u Nahoran (6 km), wheelchair accessible, penzion – dormitory style,

6 double rooms

Hotel Univerzita Karlova, Dobruška (10 km), 3 ⃰, 3 double rooms

Hotel Studanka, Rychnov nad Kneznou (30 km), 4 ⃰ , 28 double rooms

Hotel Panorama, Rychnov nad Kněžnou (26 km), 3 ⃰, 5 double rooms

Hotel Rajska zahrada, Nove Město nad Metuji (2 km), 4 ⃰ , 12 double rooms

Apartmany Jasnena Vlahova, Nove Město nad Metuji (2 km), 4 ⃰ , 3 apartments (non-accessible)

Hotel Jasnena Vlahova, Nove Město nad Metuji (2 km), 3 ⃰, 12 double rooms

Penzion Jakubuv Novy Dvur, Velka Jesenice (6 km), 3 ⃰ , 10 double rooms

Spa Hotel K-Triumf Velichovky (21 km), 4 ⃰ , 28 double rooms

Wellness hotel Viktorka, Ratibořice (12 km), 3 ⃰ , 3 double rooms

Penzion Zahradni, Ceska Skalice (10km), 3 ⃰ , 6 double rooms

Penzion Klidek, Hořičky (16 km), 3 ⃰ , 4 double rooms, (available from Sunday 14)

Penzion Za vodou, Dvur Kralove nad Labem (33 km), 3 ⃰ , 5 double rooms

Hotel Černigov, Hradec Králové (35 km), 3 ⃰ , 5 double rooms

Spa Hotel St.George, Kudowa Zdroj (POL, 22 km), 4 ⃰ , 65 double rooms

Hotel Rambousek, Nové Město nad Metují (1 km), 3 ⃰, 15 double rooms, non-accessible, designated for volunteers


Suitable accommodation capacity is limited. LOC has contracted up to 500 beds for the tournament. Participants are expected to share double-rooms. LOC allocates the suitable accommodation to teams based on their entry-form in regard to size of the team, men/ women ratio and number of wheelchair users unable to stand/ walk so that we may satisfy all participants.


In all of the above contracted hotels there are wheelchair accessible toilets at lobbies, too. Most of the rooms are suitable for wheelchair users.


Check-in time, if not agreed otherwise, on Saturday, June 13, 2020 afternoon.

Check-out time, if not agreed otherwise, on Sunday, June 21, 2020 morning


Local transport: from Prague Intl. Airport and/ or Pardubice Intl. Airport to the venue and back as well as between hotels and venue will be arranged by LOC upon prior request of the teams (LOC will extra charge EUR 100,- per person per the local transport through the tournament).


Teams may also„rent-a-car“ for reduced price at the Right-Cars rent-a-car with pick-up and return at Prague Airport. For more info contact, please.


Participation fee:

EUR 150,- per archer

EUR 100,- per team official


Accommodation and meals:

EUR 880,- per participant (including accommodation and meals from dinner on Saturday, June 13 through breakfast on Sunday, June 21).

EUR 100,- extra day (before June 13 and/ or after June 21) per person


Rules: WA Para Archery Rules will apply

Classes/ Divisions: Recurve Open, Compound Open for Men and Women (Individuals, Teams, Mixed Teams), Compound W1 for Men (Teams/ Individuals) and Visually Impaired.

There will be no VI classification on this tournament. Visually Impaired archers are allowed to shoot if:

- They already have been classified with a "confirmed" status

- They already have been classified with a review status with a deadline later than the date of the tournament

Visually impaired archers with a "review next event" status are not allowed to shoot.


Archers who are already classified on a WA tournament are allowed to shoot in their respective category.


Format: WA 720 – 70m (recurve), WA 720 – 50m (compound)

Statut: WA Para-Archery World Ranking Tournament,


Draft Time Table: Saturday 13/06 Arrivals

Sunday 14/06 Free practice, Classification, Live concert

Monday 15/06 Official practice, Equipment control, Captains meeting

Opening ceremony

Tuesday 16/06 Qualification, gr. 1, 2

Wednesday 17/06 Qualification, gr. 3,

Teams elimination

Thursday 18/06 Individuals elimination

Friday 19/06 Teams medal matches, Victory Ceremony

Saturday 20/06 Individuals medal matches, Victory Ceremony,

Sunday 21/06 Departures



The classification will be held on Sunday 14th of June 2020, 09:00 to 18:00.


It is the responsibility of the teams that archers who have to be classified arrive in time for the classification session. That means that they have to arrive at least one day before the date of classification.

Classifiers will not build the classification schedule in regards to teams arriving on classification day.


For athletes who need to be classified, a medical intake form, translated intoEnglish,is mandatory. It must be sent to the Chief Classifier of the tournament at least 30 days before the start of classification (13th of May 2020) to


The Form is available on


Should this information not be submitted by e-mail before this date, such athlete will not be classified and therefore will not be eligible to participate in the event. Only an archer who is officially entered to the tournament will be allowed to undertake classification.



For physically impaired archers classification will be held on the same location as the field of play.




Payment details:


30 percent of the participation Fee should be transferred to the LOC Bank Account by March 20, 2020.


Balance due should be transfered not later than in May 13, 2020 to the following Bank Account:


Bank Address: CSOB, a.s.,

Komenskeho 72,

549 01, Nove Mesto nad Metuji

Czech Republic


Bank Account Owner: Sports Club Nove Mesto nad Metuji

Bank Account Number: 275371783/ 0300

IBAN: CZ73 0300 0000 0002 7537 1783


Variable Symbol: 20200513

Specific Symbol: WRT/ country code ⃰ ( ⃰ insert your international country code)